Do you need an affordable and effective web site for your small business, small manufacturing or professional business?

Do you need a web site designer who understands the needs of small business owners?

Have you investigated getting your own web site only to be discouraged by high web site design and hosting fees?

Hey, you just want an AFFORDABLE web site that works for you, right?

My name is Jim Sullivan, and I want to show you how you can get your business on the Web, WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars! Most web site designers and web hosting companies have totally ignored the needs of small and very small business operators. BUT, there is a solution!

We will get your business on the Web with a tailor made solution that fits YOUR business plan and budget.

You can be assured of our personal service and support before, during, and most importantly, after your web site is published. When you employ us to build your web site we will have free consultations to determine your needs and design costs. We will ask for a down payment but you will pay NO MORE MONEY until you are delighted with your web site. If your project is a large one we might ask you to make a progress payment, but again, you will not complete payment until you are completely happy with our work. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're looking for a web site with fancy "Flash" intro pages (that take forever to download and probably won't work on Apple products) and whirling animations that dance across your screen, then you should look elsewhere. While such things may demonstrate how clever the web designer is, they have little to do with creating a site that SELLS.

What is it that YOU want to achieve with your web site?

Whether your goal is to provide information, a direct sale, a lead, or to have your visitor complete a form, we will build you a web site that sets out to achieve YOUR goals, not ours!

Contact me at jim@jswdesign.net and we will discuss YOUR goals...


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